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Professional Publications - Surgical

High-Frequency Radiowave Electrosurgery for Persistent Conjunctival Chemosis following Cosmetic Blepharoplasty
Woo KI, Choi CY
Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, June 2014

Anterior Segment Grand Rounds A bleb too far
Safran S
Eye World Magazine, July 2013

Simple Surgical Approach with High-Frequency Radio-Wave Electrosurgery for Conjunctivochalasis
Youm DJ, Kim JM, Choi CY
Ophthalmology Journal, 2010

Low-Temperature Radiofrequency Device Effective for Punctal Occlusion
Bouzouaya C
Ocular Surgery News, January 2009

Radio Waves Ease Upper Lid Blepharoplasty
Older JJ
Clinical Summary White Paper Review of Ophthalmology, June 2003

For the Treatment of Trichiasis, Radiosurgery Appears To Be A Quick and Effective Method
Santella M, Rutili T, Aimino G, Benelli U, Davi G, Tisbo R, Morocutti A, Byron H, Moreno C
Ocular Surgery News, June 1999










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